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Interested in an apprenticeship at Barclays?

We offer both Foundation and Higher Apprenticeship programmes across Barclays.

Foundation Apprenticeship

As the name suggests, our Foundation Apprenticeship is all about giving you the foundation to build a trailblazing career at Barclays. It’s a chance to move forward and achieve your ambitions – at any point in your life. As a Foundation Apprentice, you’ll take on a role in one of our business areas (we’ll tell you more about that later) and work towards professional qualifications. All with constant support and plenty of personalised training.

Higher Apprenticeships

Getting qualified. Whether it’s a degree or professional status, it’s a huge achievement that can completely change your prospects – but it’s not always open to everyone. Some of us can’t afford it. For others, the timing just wasn’t right. But with our Higher Apprenticeship, all that can change. At any point in your life, we’ll help you gain a university-level or professional qualification while building an extraordinary career at Barclays.

Who can be a Barclays Apprentice?

We’ll get right to it: some of our programmes have minimum entry requirements, others don’t. But that just means no matter what qualifications you’ve got, we might have an apprenticeship that’s exactly right for you.

Maybe you’re about to leave college. Or perhaps you’re unemployed. You might want to completely change career. You could have a physical or mental disability, or a condition that makes it harder to find work, for any reason. Whoever you are, one thing’s for sure: you’re ready for that next step. Because there’s more to discover. There’s more to become.

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Ever since we launched our apprenticeships, we’ve worked hard to create more and more options for people looking to build a rewarding career. Every apprentice matters to us. If you have the right attitude and you’re willing to work hard, we’re here to back you all the way – with all the heartfelt support and training you need.

To get started, find the group that most reflects you below and meet others who’ve already been where you’re heading. There might even be more than one, so feel free to explore.

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