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Challenging. Surprising. Fast-paced. Purposeful. Life at Bloomberg is many things, but it’s never dull. We’re a truly global business with a truly diverse workforce. We pride ourselves on being open, inclusive and collaborative — and in providing a work environment that inspires our employees to be their best.

Career development

We hire multi-talented people who want – and are up to – the challenge of doing work that will make a global impact. That means hiring at every level of seniority, finding a place for people who can demonstrate their expertise and prove their track record. Whether you thrive on the energy of a newsroom, the pace of a trading floor, or the buzz of a recent tech breakthrough, we’ll give you more than a job. We’ll give you the opportunity to do amazing work you couldn’t do anywhere else.

A job that grows with you

Each employee and leader is unique, and we are dedicated to providing a range of learning opportunities that makes sense for every individual, whether it’s through formal training, added responsibility, stretch projects, job swaps or our global mobility program.

Build your skills

Bloomberg University gives everyone here a chance to keep learning — whether in the classroom, or at your own pace online. Our career development platform provides courses that will teach you technical skills, modules that will make you better at your job in lots of other ways, as well as specialized leadership training.

Build your network

At Bloomberg you’ll get ahead based on what you know. But we believe personal connections also play an important role in developing the hard and soft skills you need to succeed. Bloomberg Communities are inclusive, employee-run groups that provide support, advice and mentoring.

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