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Like many old cities around the world, most of London is served by a ‘combined’ sewerage system, which collects not just the sewage from loos, sinks, showers and washing machines, but also the rainwater run-off from roads, gutters and pavements – hence, ‘combined’.

The magnificent system we rely on today was designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette after The Great Stink of 1858. The 318 million bricks used to construct the 1,100 miles of underground sewers are still in good condition, but are simply overwhelmed by today’s population.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel will offer the increased capacity needed to tackle the current pollution problem, and provide a system fit for the future. However, alongside the tunnel, sustainable drainage systems will also play their part. Whilst it is simply not viable to separate the sewer system now, reducing the amount of rainwater entering the sewers will extend the life of the tunnel.

Our Apprenticeships

One in 50 jobs across the Tideway sites is an apprenticeship, and since work started on the super sewer in 2014, apprenticeships have been offered in areas ranging from civil engineering to construction, boatmasters, business administration and digital engineering.

More than 100 apprenticeships have been offered since the project started, offering high quality training across a wide-range of disciplines, and helping to create a future generation of construction workers with long-term career options.

Tideway and its contractors offer apprenticeships ranging from intermediate, advanced and higher to a degree level. 18 apprentices working at Tideway have completed and gone on to either a higher apprenticeship or employment.

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