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What is the Weightmans apprenticeship academy?

Our people are key to us continuing to be a successful business, and we need to ensure that they have the right skills to understand our clients. A combination of ambition and understanding of what a future lawyer will look like has led us to develop the Weightmans apprenticeship academy. We want to combine legal education with the skills necessary to develop future business leaders.

We are offering new routes for aspiring solicitors into the profession by guiding you through the new solicitors’ qualifying exams (SQE), and we have partnered with BPP University Law School to deliver both apprenticeships in order to provide you with the best education, legal work and business experience possible.

Early careers

For those who are currently completing, or have completed their A-levels, our solicitor degree apprenticeship provides you with an amazing alternative to university and those student loans and fees! Over six years, apprentices will obtain an LLB in Law and Legal Practice, be supported through their solicitor qualifying exams (SQE) and obtain the qualification of solicitor on completion.

If you are currently studying for your undergraduate degree, or have graduated, our graduate solicitor apprenticeship is a 30 month apprenticeship which offers a new, exciting alternative to the traditional ‘training contract’. You can join us straight from university, without the Legal Practice Course (LPC), and complete the Solicitors Qualifying Exams (SQE) to qualify as a solicitor with all of your fees paid.

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