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London Apprenticeships: Why start an apprenticeship in London?

Starting an apprenticeship in London offers many great opportunities and benefits. You can start an apprenticeship from the age of 16 up to any age as long as you are not currently in full-time education.

Apprenticeships are a for of further education and provide on the job training to help you learn new skills and a trade to help you further your career prospects whilst attaining a nationally recognised qualification.

Why London?

London is the capital of England and offers so many benefits to budding apprentices to be able to kickstart their career development. London houses tens of thousands of companies across many industry sectors from Banking to Railway Engineering, the choice is vast.

London is accessible from almost anywhere in the UK and with the introduction of HS2 traveling to and from London will be easier and faster. Although it is early to know what the cost of travelling to and from would be, you do get travel allowances through special rail cards for apprentices.

How much do London Apprentices earn?

It would be no surprise to hear that employers in London tend to pay slightly higher wages to apprentices in London due to factors such as competition, cost of living and travel. But that said London does on reflection seem to pay higher wages to non apprentices also, some companies also offer London Weighting for those who live in and around London due to the higher cost of living. On average employers pay anywhere between £17,000 to £20,000 per annum for apprentices on an Intermediate or Advanced Apprenticeship and increase this pay either after qualification or during further apprenticeship training such as Higher or Degree Apprenticeships.

Can I train remotely instead of traveling into London?

A year ago this probably wouldn’t have been an option, however due to recent events such as Covid-19 times have changed and advancements have been made in training capabilities. Many companies are now offering remote training to help develop apprentices and keep the steady flow of future work force coming through the doors. Remote working is going to be a thing of the future and using apprenticeships training opportunities is a great way to adapt your work force for this new way of working.