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FAQs about Apprenticeships in London

  • Almost any company in London are looking to recruit apprentices. You have lots of options across many industry sectors from Banking to Engineering, our website offers you the most up to date available apprenticeship jobs in London. Check out our Apprentice Employers directory to find a company in London looking to hire apprentices.
  • On average apprenticeships take between 12 months and five years depending on the level of apprenticeship you are doing. The bottom level apprenticeship is Intermediate and you can study for a degree apprenticeship which takes the longest.
  • Thats the big question. There is lots of competition to attract apprentices to companies in London, meaning many companies are offering great rates of pay for their apprenticeship opportunities. However the minimum national rate for an apprentice in their first year or under the age of 18yr is £4.15. This hour rate goes up depending on your age.
  • Yes. Many employers are offering Degree Apprenticeships in London across all types of sectors from Banking to Information Technology Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Levels explained


Intermediate Apprenticeships are your entry point to starting an apprenticeship. Intermediate Apprenticeships or commonly known as Level 2 Apprenticeships are offered all across London.

To start a Level 2 Apprenticeship you would typically need at least 2 GCSE's, requested by the employer, however many employers do not ask for this requirement as you will be studying towards 5 GCSE's and an NVQ or BTEC during your apprenticeship training programme.


Advanced Apprenticeships are your next level up and are also referred to as Level 3 Apprenticeships.

An Advanced Apprenticeship is the equivalent to 2 A -Levels.

The entry requirement is commonly 5 GCSE's, which would be your awarded qualification when completing the Intermediate Apprenticeship given you the ability to advance, if you haven't already achieved the GCSE's through schooling.


Higher Apprenticeships or Level 4 Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to work towards a nationally recognised qualification such as NVQ Level, HND or a Foundation Degree.

The entry level for a Higher Apprenticeship is at least 5 GCSE's which will include English and Maths plus a Level 3 Apprenticeship qualification such as A-Levels or an NVQ or BTEC. Higher Apprenticeships often give you the option to continue your study towards a Postgraduate Degree.


Degree Apprenticeships are offered by a number of Universities across London including UWL or Brunel.

Degree Apprenticeships are offered in partnership with employers and Universities across London.

You will be employed during your Degree Apprenticeship and studying part-time at university to achieve either a bachelors or Masters Deere in your chosen apprenticeship topic. Degree Apprenticeships can take up to six years to complete.

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